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3 Stonegate Drive Northwest
Airdrie, AB, T4B 0N2



Indoor Cycling and Training

Spinning, or Indoor cycling is not just for the hardcore cyclist anymore. whether you're new to cycling, are a seasonal commuter or a seasoned vet, we believe your spring is always better when you come out the gate stronger, fitter and faster. we also believe it's all better done on your own bike, since no adjustment time is needed to get your set up dialed. Our Programs are designed by cyclists, for cyclists. No flailing your arms in the air here, we're here to ride. And maybe stretch. Ok we'll stretch.  To make sure your training season gets off to a good start,  we offer functional threshold testing, training programs and nutrition programs suited to your personal needs which are priced on an individual basis.



Tuesday - 6:00PM (45-60min Class)

Thursday - 6:00PM (45-60min Class)

Saturday - 9:00AM (90min Class)

*Classes run November 2 - March 23 (23 Weeks)


Pricing and membership

Platinum Winter All-inclusive membership* 

  • $1349, or $349 first months payment, $249.99 per month for four months 

  • 2  Retul fits by Nick with body assessment, the start of spin season and after.
  • Monthly coaching plan to personally fit your goals. 
  • Unlimited use of either Tacx Neo or Vortex,
  • Any class any time, unlimited use of spin room
  • We maintain your bike, store and mount it during the spin season. 

Unlimited membership* 

$152.00/month. ($179 per with Tacx Neo Smart Trainer)

2 class/wk with unlimited spin during business hours (Last start 90mins prior to closing)

Monthly Membership

$88/month, one class of your choice per week.

10 Pass

 Drop in

$25 (Tacx Vortex only)

Bike storage and mounting*

$300.00  (Includes bike mounting on trainer upon arrival)

Bike Rental

$10 per class, upon availability

Call the shop at 403-948-2628 to book your trainer today. Or email
Booking the Tacx Neo requires you to purchase a new chain for proper compatibility (which is cheaper than a new trainer tire!)
*All fees and price structures are based on a 23 week and are in effect until the end of spin season and will conclude at that time as well
GST added to all prices