Cranked has various group rides going in and out of the season, from intense hammer rides to a casual social in town group ride.

  • Tuesday’s @5:00-5:30 PM - We will be doing our hammer rides. So bring your “A” game and ride like your life depends on it! (average speed: 33-38kph)

  • Wednesday’s @5:00-5:30 PM - Is our casual around town social rides (average speed: 20-26kph)

  • Thursday’s @5:00-5:30 PM - Is our casual ride where its time to relax from all that hard work of pushing your body to the max and to just have some fun outside and exploring new roads! (average speed: 30-34kph)

  • Friday’s @6:00-6:15 PM - *Starting on the first Friday of October* We will be leaving the shop to head over to Bragg Creek for our mountain bike rides, make sure to bring a light as it gets dark in the evening!


Group rides will be affected by weather


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