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Spin spin sugar

Andrew Engelleder

Great song (yes, from the 90's) and what we do all winter.  

Mount bike. Check.  Setup computer. Got it. Get excited to ride because it'll be the best ever. Oh. Wait for update. Ok good to go. Shit, no water. Ok now good. Man it's hot in here today. Oh. No fan. 

Sound familiar? Happens to me all the time and every time I think I have got to get this more organized so I can just hit it and go.  

But it's never that easy is it? Back in the day, you set bike upon rollers or trainer, sat yourself upon bike, and that was all you had to remember. No special way to reduce the mind-numbing boredom that comes from staring at a cement wall in a dark basement for hours at a time.  

No Zwift. No Netflix. Just Walkman. 

It was a needed skill just to flip the tape over (the auto reverse was broken on mine). I put in a lot of time over the years on rollers, and while I was able to hop on and off at will, it was still a pain in the ass, so you made sure that the cassette was of high quality and highly listenable. Nothing worse than clicking play and realizing this this album actually sucked or worse, made you question your musical tastes. 

With smart trainers and software becoming more accessible, these days it's so much easier to keep the fitness you worked so hard on the previous summer. From group rides to organized races, there's no reason not to ride. Heck, the most commonly available feature now is a built-in coach, helping you stay on track during specialized workouts either just to lose weight or have a stronger sprint to win the Tuesday Nights World Championships, so making progress is as easy as it's ever been. 

Sub 15 for $5k or less

Andrew Engelleder

 For real, there's a race here

For real, there's a race here

Haleakala, Mt Lemmon and Tourmelet all instill fear in cyclists and wallets alike. The cyclists fear the thought of lung-searing, leg-ripping climbs lasting a minimum of two hours, and the wallets fear the yoga like qualities required to be fully opened that many times to create a bike light enough to make the job relatively enjoyable. 

The weight of a bike really only matters when you're challenging gravity. Basically, anything under 5% gradient, as long as it's stiff enough for good power transfer, you're good to go. Weight really isn't an issue. Over 5% and for an extended period of time, everything counts.

This is the task at hand. Is it possible to create a bike with world class handling and durability, under 15lbs (6.8kg) and under $5000.  

Possible? Maybe. Difficult? Tremendously.  

If you throw enough money at something, everything is possible. But what can you do on a limited budget?  Is building a non-UCI legal bike even practical given the current level of high quality offerings from the major manufacturers?

This is the challenge Nick and I are undertaking and this blog is where the whole process will be documented. We invite you to follow along and see what we come up with.