Tacx FLUX 2

Tacx FLUX 2


The iconic FLUX Smart has been upgraded to the FLUX 2 Smart. Compared to its predecessor, it is equipped with a bigger and stronger resistance unit and a heavier flywheel. This resulted in a wider simulation range, better ride feel and a more accurate power measurement.

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Challenging Powerful


the FLUX 2 smart is equipped with a bigger resistant unit compared to its predecessor, allowing for a wider simulation range. it is able to realistically simulate inclines up to 16% gradient.


Accurate & Reliable


A reliable, accurate and consistent power measurement is key to keep track of your performance and progress. this is exactly what the Flux 2 smart designed for, it measures your power accurately within 2.5%


Smooth Ride Feel


A stronger resistance unit in combination with a larger flywheel significantly improved the ride feel and responsiveness of the Flux 2 smart. With these improvements, this smart trainer better replicates the experience of outdoor rides.


Extremely silent


The Flux 2 smart is designed to bring liberations and noise levels to the absolute minimum. this resulted in a very silent flywheel equipped bike trainer.