A proper bike fit will ensure that, at least from a mechanical point of view, your upper body and arms down through your legs, will be able to transmit as much power as possible into moving you forward, and ultimately be comfortable doing it. A balanced riding position, with handlebars and brakes within easy reach, will allow you to corner, brake and descend with confidence.

We at Cranked are trained by the expert staff at Specialized and Retul University to analyze each rider’s unique attributes, pedal stroke and body position. Using the data gained during the assessment, we optimize the bike and equipment to match your biomechanical profile.



PRE-FIT INTERVIEW The pre-fit interview is intended to be a quick scan to sharpen the focus of the flexibility assessment. By asking structured questions relating to injury history of specific body parts or joints, we can anticipate problems with flexibility that will affect your saddle position, handlebar drop and stance width.

20 POINT FLEXIBILITY ASSESSMENT This evaluation gains an accurate picture of your flexibility and other physical attributes, including assessment of foot structure, knee position, spinal curve, shoulder extension, hip flexion and leg length, among others.



Static Fit - $100

Perfectly adjusting seat height and set back, to obtain a pain free and efficient pedal stroke.

2D Body Geometry Fit - $250.00 (TRI +$50.00)

BG FIT (Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology) is a comprehensive fit philosophy created to help cyclists ride faster, longer and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury.

The goal is to fit the bike so you are comfortable with your hands on the hoods, can climb and relax using the tops, and descend and sprint from the drops. To do this, all three bar positions must be comfortable and useable. Finding a good “neutral” position for you allows you to adapt to changes in terrain, cadence and effort.
All 2D fits include the following

Pre fit interview

Flexibility assessment

Body alignment assessment

Cleat Adjustment

Comprehensive static and dynamic side view position and fit

Dynamic saddle and handlebar positioning

Shoulder/Elbow/Hand Alignment

RACE FIT | RETUL VANTAGE 3D FIT - $350.00* (TRI +$50.00)

RETUL MÜVE and VANTAGE is a motion capture system that records 29 full sets of rider data per second as you ride. Data is read by infra-red from 8 key points on your body, and is tracked 3 dimensionally, allowing us to uncover asymmetries normally never found with a traditional fit. 

Focused on the finer points of your alignment, pedal stroke and biomechanics, this step makes specific adjustments to position in order to optimize performance and comfort. These adjustments are made to align you squarely on the saddle so that you can achieve balanced power delivery from the whole body.

As with all bike fitting we do, our first goal of Race fit is to first make the bike comfortable for you, based on your individual and unique needs. Our second goal is to make you as fast as possible come race day. This fitting starts with a full body assessment, including range of motion, previous injuries and flexibility. We use our own special combination of BG Fit and Retul practices to achieve the best possible fit for you and your bike. The penultimate step of the fit process is a 10km road test with close observation by Nick, our level 2 certified fitter.

Shoe sizing & cleat placement

Insole selection

Saddle sizing and selection

Saddle height

Saddle fore/aft position

Stem length & position

Handlebar width & position

Video analysis of cycling position

mid season re evaluation






A big thank you to Nick for doing such a great job of fitting and building my new Cervelo P3. There is no doubt it was a big factor in helping me win my age category in the Calgary Iron Man 70.3. I was able to average 37 km/hr over the 90 km race which was well above my goal. There is no doubt that I will return when I’m ready to buy my next bike. Thanks again!
— Dave
Nick has the best bike fit equipment money can buy!!! (3d fit) He is also certified to do bike fits and does so really well. I recommend anyone to have this done at Cranked. I had hip problems for years on the bike. In March went for a fit and never had the aches pains from before again. 1000s of km done this season thanks to the great fit.
I have had bike fits before but always had hip pain. Nick is a great cyclist too which helps.
The staff members, Jeff & Andrew are very knowledgeable and helpful too.
— T. Kelly